Locker service

To ensure your valuables safty,
We've prepared a locker for you to keep your valuables.
Then give you the Master key.
Please keep the locker key with you during the session.

Service card

Each time, after you paid the service fee, you'll received 1 [service card].
Collect our service card and you'll get a free service with 10 cards (20 cards for V course).
You may use either cards of our Sukhumvit 33 shop and Chidlom shop.
(It does not apply for our promotion course.)

Drink Menu

We have beaverage service as below...

Soft drink

[For "Soft drink", 1 drink is free. Additional drinks will be charged at 50 ฿

  • Coffee (hot / cold)
  • Tea (hot / cold)
  • Cola
  • Sprite
  • Orange


  • Beer (Heineken) 100 ฿
  • Whisky (Chivas) 150 ฿

Akane T-Shirt

We are selling our own T-Shirt.

Akane 10 Year Anniversary T-Shirt [Akane T-Shirt].
Produced from hi-grade materials, durable & comfortable.
Limited quanity, You would like to keep it as souvenir.

Akane T-Shirt

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