Booking notice

  • If booking e-mail was sent on the same day as booking day. Please send your booking e-mail before 12:00 am.
  • After we've recieved your e-mail. We will reply/comfirm you booking as soon as possible.
  • On the booking day, please call us 1 hour before you come to our shop.
  • Please keep your promised time, The booked ladies will waiting for you only 10 minutes.
    After that before you arrived, if any customers want to use their service, we're sorry but we have to cancel your booking.

** NOTE : We may not accept a booking that was sent less than 6 hours before the booking time.

Booking discount

We offers a discount to our customers who made a booking by using our [Booking form].
Discount rates are vary according to conditions below...

  • If you filled all required fields, included lady name. You get 10% discount.
  • If you filled all required fields, but undecided which lady to choose. You get 5% discount.
  • To claim you discount, Please tell the counter that you have a booked, then your name & lady name.
  • No discount for courses that currently in promotion session.

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If possible, Please make the reserve before the day (at least 1 day). Thank you.